Inspirational Celebrity Ring Designs

celebrity engagement rings

When it comes to precious gifts, jewelry, or embellishments, we tend to look up to celebrities for inspiration. So whether you are looking for unique, vintage or trendy rings, you can take ideas from the below mentioned list. If you are on a budget, you can modify these ideas according to your price requirements. However, diamonds are the one thing that remains common in engagement rings. In addition to design and setting of the ring, the diamond size and appearance affects the cost of the ring as well.

So, take a look at this list and decide accordingly which one of these suits your taste!

# 1 – 18 Carat Blue Sapphire White Diamond Engagement Ring

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton received this $137,200 ring from the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William. This precious engagement ring belonged to the Prince’s late mother Lady Diana who received it from Prince William in 1981. This ring is a beautiful sparking sapphire surrounded by 14 tiny diamonds and was valued at $45,000 at that time. Although it wasn’t extravagant or exceptionally unique by royal standards, it was still a classic beauty and is still counted as one of the most precious engagement rings ever!

# 2 – Fred Leighton Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Michael Douglas proposed to Catherine Zeta Jones in December 2009 with a marquise shaped, vintage 10 carat diamond ring set horizontally in a platinum frame. The ring has a 1920’s vintage look and comprises of a large diamond surrounded by 28 small stones. The value of the ring is estimated at $2.5 million.

# 3 – Asscher-Cut Krupp Diamond Ring With Type II Diamond

In addition to her superb acting skills, Elizabeth Taylor is also known for her various marriages. There is, however, one person that particularly tops the list of husbands and with whom Taylor has enjoyed on and off relationships, Richard Burton. This famous actor proposed Elizabeth Taylor with a magnificent 33.19 carat center type II diamond, which is considered the purest of all and has brilliant transparency. Burton purchased the ring for an extravagant 8.8 million dollars and later in 2011; it was auctioned off at an anonymous amount.

Elizabeth Taylor can be seen wearing this ring in several of her post-1968 movies and in her live interview with Larry King in 2003 that aired in CNN. The history of this stunning stone is as enthralling as its former wearer. It used to belong to the second wife of the steel magnate Alfred Krupp and had been a part of the Vera Krupp estate.

# 4 – Harry Winston Diamond Engagement Ring

In 2002, Ben Affleck proposed Jennifer Lopez with a pink Harry Winston diamond ring, weighing 6.1 carats. The value of the ring was estimated at a hefty $1.2 million. When the couple broke up in 2004, J Lo returned the ring to Affleck. The Style director at eBay, Constance White commented that if this ring were to appear in the market for sale, it would fetch a million dollars give or take, because of the ‘Bennifer’ name attached to it. In 2005, the ring was finally sold at a silent price.

Jenifer Lopez wore this ring in a joint interview on dateline. Given J Lo’s love for flashy jewelry we’d say that it was the perfect engagement ring for her, but sadly she had to return it back.

# 5 – Lorraine Schwartz Engagement Ring with an Emerald Cut Diamond

Kim Kardashian was proposed by her second husband; Kris Humphries with a gorgeous 20.5 carat Lorraine Schwartz ring, which had a 16.5 carat emerald cut center stone with two 1.8 carat trapezoids on the side. It was a unique designer ring designed by Lorraine Schwartz herself. The engagement ring was estimated at $2 million but after their 72 days marriage came to an end, it was auctioned off at $749,000 only at Christie’s.

Her following husband, Kanye West, proposed with yet another Lorraine Schwartz ring; however, the present one is quite different from the former ring. It was reported that Kanye West was involved in the designing process of the special ring from starting to the end and came up with a 15 carat, flawless, D-stone ring.