Choosing the Perfect Wedding Day Jewelry

On your wedding day, you deserve to be the most beautiful woman in attendance. Your happiness would make you radiate with beauty and your jewelry would add to this radiance, but only if you chose your jewelry with the proper care and consideration.

Gown Color and Jewelry

The key to making an impact on your wedding day is getting everything from your gown to your hair and accessories to create a unified picture that screams elegance. To this end, be sure to consider the color of your gown in your jewelry selection.

As white has become the traditional color of the wedding gown, pearls are the favorite wedding jewelry. Pearls accentuate a white dress, they don’t overpower it. For a purely white gown, choose white pearls with silver accents. Ivory gowns look better with similarly-toned pearls and gold accents.

The rule of thumb in picking your jewelry would be to pick one that matches or accentuates the color of your gown.

Gown Style and Jewelry

The way your dress is cut would determine what type of jewelry you can wear with the dress. To choose your necklace for example, you would have to consider your wedding gown’s neckline.

The rule of thumb is to wear a necklace that does not fall on your dress or they will fight for attention. Thus, a pendant necklace around 16 inches long is usually the popular choice among brides with plunging necklines. With the same style of dress, a collar necklace made of three or more strands is also appropriate. The choker type of necklace is only appropriate for a dress with a high neckline.

Facial Shape and Jewelry

Aside from the necklace, you would also likely be wearing earrings. You should consider what earrings do for your face. Button or stud earrings are appropriate for round faces whereas dangling earrings widen narrow faces. For long faces, square earrings are perfect.

Jewelry and Other Jewelry

Avoid overloading yourself with jewelry. It is better to pick jewelry that belongs to the same family of stones or gems. If you are wearing a splendid necklace or a tiara, you may not want to wear earrings anymore. If you decide to do so, make sure they do not detract from your other jewelries’ beauty. You have to remember that you are trying to create a single focus. Find a piece of jewelry to focus on, and make all other pieces work towards enhancing rather than fighting it.