Basic Wedding Accessories for the Bride to Be

No bride should be without these simple yet important items that can make all the difference on your special day! Read up to see if there are some that you forgot to include for your celebration.

wedding accessories

Veil or headpiece

Your dress can be gorgeous and your makeup perfect, but without an attractive hair item such as a flower, hat or veil, it just won’t be complete. Search for timeless and stylish items that match well with your dress and theme to ensure the perfect accessory.


They aren’t just pretty, they’re functional, too! Your flowers can serve as centerpieces, part of the ceremony, and don’t forget that all important bouquet toss at the reception. As a bonus, they come in handy for photos, as well.


These come in many varieties ranging from extremely decorative to very simple. They come with pearls, lace, ribbons, and can be made to match your wedding colors, if you like. Whether you are tossing it or not, every bride should have one – just for fun!

Necklace and earrings

Or really any jewelry. When you’re wearing that splendid gown and those fancy heels, it would be inappropriate to leave your neck or arms bare. Add a little sparkle with gold or silver jewelry to set off the look.


Remember, you will take pictures and be the center of attention on your big day. That means every detail – including nail color – matters. If you aren’t big on beauty salons, you can paint your nails a shiny nude or pink color. For those who want their look to last a while longer, opt for acrylics or gel. Make sure to take into account your wedding colors.


Since your rings will be highly photographed and ooooohed and aaaahhed over at the wedding, make certain they look their best. Shine your engagement ring the night before so it will sparkle for the big day, and ensure your wedding bands stay fabulous by keeping them safe in those velvet boxes until that perfect moment.


This is one of the most anticipated parts of shopping for your wedding. When you’re out and about looking for accessories, stock up on a few special items for your honeymoon, too. There are all kinds of things for brides out there, take your time so you’re sure to love what you buy!


For a wedding? Yes, it sounds weird, but if any part of your celebration is taking place outdoors, you will want them at some point, trust me! So get some cute ones that match your dress or say bride on them. Sparkles are an added bonus.

Clutch purse

You likely won’t need it during the ceremony or reception, but you will want it when you take off in the getaway car. Stock your clutch with breath mints, I.D.s and cash, lipstick and extra tissues, just in case!

The right undergarments

You could have the perfect outfit, but if you can’t have fun at the reception or dance due to a slippery strapless bra or a too tight corset, then it won’t matter. Try on all underthings beforehand, and make sure to get measurements correct. This way, your undies are the last thing on your mind at the wedding, which is how it should be.

Cute luggage tags

You spent a lot of time packing that suitcase, so have some fun with tags, too! There are lots of bride and groom options to choose from, or you may be able to purchase some that reflect what your destination is.

Safety pins

The most important, I saved for last! Oh, safety pins, how I love thee! You pretty much never think about them until you need them, but man oh man, if you need them, you need them! These little helpers can fix a ripped dress, hold up a strapless bra, reattach a boutonniere, and the list goes on! Don’t be caught without them at your event.

These small details can make a world of difference when it comes to your wedding. From absolutely essential to just plain fun, they help make the day special, and just might save you from a party disaster!