3 Tips For Looking Great Wearing Glasses On Your Wedding Day

When you first met your fiancée were you wearing your glasses? What about the first time he uttered those three magic words? Did you have them on when he asked you to do him the honor of becoming his wife? Now for the tough question: Will they adorn your face when he gets that first look at his beautiful bride walking down the aisle? A lot of brides struggle with the decision of comfort versus elegance, but with the tips below I believe you can achieve both on your wedding day.

wedding eyewear

Think Of Your Eyewear As An Accessory

You are buying brand new shoes, a veil, maybe a bit of jewelry, so why not treat yourself to a new set of spectacles? It may not seem necessary to buy a new pair, but it’s a fun way to change up your look a bit. Here are a few suggestions to consider:

-Keep in mind the jewelry you are wearing, so you don’t end up with silver glasses and gold jewelry or vice versa

-Have fun while buying your new frames! The perfect glasses are out there for every bride: from romantic and delicate to bold and daring

-Don’t forget to get an anti-reflective coating put on your glasses so you don’t have a glare in your pictures

What Type of Veil Will Look The Best with Your Glasses?

The next step is to think about the kind of veil you will wear on your wedding day. Many brides believe that there are only certain veils that they can wear if they are wearing glasses; luckily, that is not true. Some veil ideas include:

-For a romantic look, your best choice would be a cathedral veil worn towards the back of your hair. This brings more of the focus to your face and dress. If the cathedral is too long for your taste, you can do the same with a mid-length or shorter veil. Again worn towards the back

-For a more high-fashion style, a birdcage veil is perfect. If you’re feeling a little daring, try tilting it slightly to give it a retro feel

-You can even wear a blusher or just a simple flower tucked in your hair

A Few Make-up Reminders for Your Special Day:

If you are near-sighted, your eyeglass lenses tend to make your eyes look smaller; however, lighter colors will help enlarge their appearance. If you are far-sighted, the converse is true, so darker dramatic colors will make your eyes look smaller as your lenses magnify them. Most important, and regardless of your prescription: don’t forget the waterproof mascara.